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SpO2 Sensor Cables

BETA offers our own designed comfortable, reliable sensor for all major OEM replacements.


SpO2 Interface cables

For all of your sensors BETA has the compatible interface cable to connect patient to monitor.


SpO2 Veterinary Senors

BETA has two sizes of veterinary sensors to accomodate any animal.


ECG Cables

Telemetry cable, bonded leadwire sets, patient cables compatible with every OEM...we have them all.


Fetal Cables

Affordable replacements for your Corometrics and HP fetal transducers.

Beta offers a wide variety of patient cables. We have Pulse Oximeter sensors for most OEMs along with the interface cables to connect the patient to the  monitor.

We also offer Pulse Oximeter cables for the veterinary market with two sizes - large and small

We have an extensive assortment of ECG cables available. See our cross-reference list to find the cable that you need.

Need a replacement for your Corometrics or HP fetal transducer? We have what you need. Please contact us to see what models we can assist you with.

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