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Pulse Oximeter Cables

Beta Biomed offers high quality, cost effective repairs of your SpO2 cables.  All our our SpO2 repairs carry the same one year warranty as our new replacement sensors.

Soft Tip Sensor





Fetal Transucers

We offer depot repair of Phillips® (HP®) and Corometrics® TOCO and utrasound transducers

                  HP TOCO Coro TOCO









BETA Biomed repairs other types of patient cables such as: nurse call alarms, infusion pump cable, AMX tether cables. What ever your need, contact us.

Private Labeling

BETA partners with some of the biggest names in the industry to provide private label products to patients all over the world.  Call us  to dscuss how we can help you.


Contract Laboring

If you have a particular design that you want to bring to market, let us help you realizes your dreams.  We are a fully staffed FDA licensed medical device facility with ISO medical accreditation ISO13485.  Contact us today.

Design Consultation

If you have just an idea and want to bring it to market contact the engineers in our research and development department.  We can help you design your prototype and work with you to manufacture the finished product to spec.

Striving for Perfection Through Discovery and Innovation

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